At Newport Beach Orange Coast Endoscopy, our goal is to ensure you have a positive experience as we work with your physician and their staff to coordinate your care with us. Your physician is an integral part of Newport Beach Orange Coast Endoscopy. They have chosen our center as the facility to meet your healthcare needs.

Our Physicians

Local physicians, and subsequently their patients, put a great deal of trust in our center to provide some of the highest-quality endoscopy services in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas. We strive to meet those expectations and consistently deliver a high standard of care to each patient that comes through our doors. By working collaboratively with your physician,
you can trust that we take the time to understand your specific needs and work to provide solutions that are designed to get you back on the path to health and wellness.

Coordinating with Your Physician

Once your physician determines that you are in need of a procedure, your physician’s office will contact us for scheduling. Before we schedule your procedure, we receive your insurance information for authorization and confirmation that you are an eligible patient for a procedure at our facility based upon your health plan.

Am I Ready for My Procedure?

Your physician may give you instructions about what you need to do before your procedure. Please follow their instructions. You may also receive a call from our nursing staff to simply confirm information with you. If you have any questions regarding your procedure, please contact us and request to speak to a pre-op nurse at 949-646-6999.